ChirBase Database


ChirBase Screen (click to enlarge)

ChirBase was created in 1988 and is internationally recognised for over 25 years.

The database contains a collection of for 306, 989 chiral HPLC/SFC separations extracted from literature and patents. All the data are checked by experts

Chemical structure search (Exact, Substructure, Similarity) can be performed as well as simple or complex searches on other fields such as:

  • Compounds: Chemical Structure, IUPAC name, trade name, specific optical rotation, absolute configuration…
  • Literature references
  • Chromatographic conditions: mobile phase, temperature, flow-rate, detection ….
  • Chiral Stationary phases: Chemical structure, column size, trade name, supplier…
  • Chromatographic data: elution order, retention times, enantioselectivity, resolution…

Application domain:

  • Biological and Natural chemistry
  • Clinical and Medicinal Chemistry:  Drug Monitoring and Toxicology
  • Synthesis of optically active compounds
  • Chiral reagents and catalysts
  • Small scale and industrial production (Simulated Moving-bed)
  • Flavor and Fragrance Research
  • Environmental (agrochemicals: pesticides and herbicides)
  • Food additives and nutritional supplements